2018 Hemp Boom in Vermont

A Cottage Industry Springs Up Around CBD

hardwick farm 7:18.jpg

Listen to a 2-part story on Vermont’s booming hemp scene. This aired on Vermont Public Radio October 9, 2018. From Brattleboro in the southeast to Alburgh in the northwest, we hear from Vermonters involved in growing and processing hemp.

A Summer Camp for Developmentally Disabled Adults in Lincoln, Vermont


Listen to a story on VPR about Zeno Mountain Farm where there are no campers and counselors, just friends. Some of them live in wheelchair-accessible tree houses.

Wireless Mesh Provides Internet Access to the Poor

mesh buggy.jpeg

Listen to a story on VPR about efforts to bring high-speed wireles Internet access to the poor in Newport, Vermont.


Hempfest Gathering in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom


Listen to a story on VPR about the first gathering of Vermont's hemp farmers.

Vermont Hemp, Season 3

Listen to a story about the third year that industrial hemp will be planted in Vermont. There's more acreage devoted to hemp and a concerted focus on CBD oil.

Vermont renewables


Listen to a report on NPR's Here & Now about opposition to solar arrays and industrial wind turbines all over the Green Mountain state.

Log Drives on the Connecticut River

Listen to a story about the log drives on the Connecticut River. This piece aired on Vermont Public Radio.

Defense Investigator Chip Troiano

Listen to a story about Chip Troiano, a veteran defense investigator now serving in Vermont's legislature. This piece aired on Vermont Public Radio in February 2016.

Novelist Laura Stevenson

Listen to a story about the novelist Laura Stevenson, who has a PhD. in history. She went deaf and cleaned houses to support herself. Stevenson has used her life experiences to inspire her fiction.

Rural Kid on Broadway

Listen to a story about a kid from rural Vermont named Oscar Williams (left in picture above) who performs on Broadway.

Puppeteer Paul Zaloom

Puppeteer Paul Zaloom takes on John McCain and Donald Trump. Listen to the story on VPR.

Institute for Social Ecology

Listen to a story about the Institute for Social Ecology founded at Goddard College in 1974.

Madsonian Museum

Listen to a story about the Madsonian Museum of Industrial Design.

Vermont's Hard Cider Scene

Here's a brief story about the hard cider scene in Vermont.

Bread & Puppet Theater

Listen to a lengthy piece on VPR about the history of Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont.

Sculptor Eben Markowski

Listen to a story about Eben Markowski, a sculptor in Panton, VT. He is pictured above with his wife Heidi.

Dorothy Day's Granddaughter

Listen to a story about the granddaughter of Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day, who lives in Springfield, Vermont but volunteers at a Catholic Worker hospitality house in New York.

Tiny House Summer Camp

Watch an audio slide show about Tiny House Summer Camp, a hands-on workshop taught by the Diedricksen brothers in the Northeast Kingdom.

Parker Pie Pizza

Listen to a brief story about the Parker Pie pizza joint in West Glover, Vermont.

Industrial Hemp

Listen to two stories about efforts to grow industrial hemp in Vermont. The first one focused on the first year Vermonters were allowed by state authorities to grow hemp. The second piece is a follow up report at the close of the second growing season.

Roz Payne

Meet Vermonter Roz Payne, whose photo and video archive of the 1960's is considered an important collection of material documenting the Black Panther Party.

Synagogue Mural

Listen to an NPR story about an early 20th Century synagogue mural restored in Burlington, Vermont.

Dennis and Leonardo

Listen to a story about Vermont sculptor Dennis Sparling and his 9-foot sculpture of Leonardo DaVinci.

Solar Farmer

Listen to a story about a farmer in Ryegate, Vermont who has agreed to allow an array of solar collectors on his land.