Shelf Life


The 1993 movie Shelf Life was the final feature film directed by the late Paul Bartel, the independent film director best known for Eating Raoul. The L.A.-based film programmer Alex Mechanik managed to get a copy of the last remaining print of the motion picture and has joined the three actors who star in the film in their effort to re-launch it. Benefit screenings of Shelf Life are scheduled for May 11th in Seattle, June 5th in Los Angeles and July 27th in Baltimore. The film’s three co-stars will be on hand. For more information, go to the Shelf Life website.

Here’s a 17-minute podcast featuring Mechanik and actors O-Lan Jones, Andrea Stein and Jim Turner.

A Good End

good end logo.png

This is a six-part series on the Jewish tradition on death and dying produced by the great Lisa Gray. I had a small hand in the production and narrate the episodes.

Ben Zion Shenker

Listen to a podcast about the late Modzitzer composer Ben Zion Shenker who lived in Brooklyn. He was a huge influence on chasidic music.