The Jamestown Community Farm feeds the poor in nearby Rhode Island communities

jonestown barn.jpg

The tractors in the barn built by volunteers are not the only things that are green at the Jamestown Community Farm. Listen to a report on Here & Now about the farm’s annual harvest dinner.

Screenwriter Hampton Fancher co-wrote Blade Runner and Its Sequel


Listen to a story from NPR's Here & Now about Fancher's tortured relationship with the Blade Runner franchise.


David Bromberg's Violin Collection

Guitar virtuoso David Bromberg has made a career as a dealer of violins and other stringed instruments. He owns the definitive collection of American-made violins and now the Library of Congress aims to acquire it. Listen to the story that aired on All Things Considered.


Tom Lopez and ZBS

Listen to a 22-minute documentary on Tom Lopez, the great radio drama producer in upstate New York. A long text piece and 4-minute radio story that aired on Weekend All Things Considered are here. Lopez is the commandante at the ZBS Foundation in Fort Edward, NY. ZBS stands for zero bull shit. Visit the ZBS web site.


DIY Dentistry

A college student in Newark, New Jersey made his own dental aligners to correct some crooked teeth. Amos Dudley is about to graduate with a degree in digital design. Now, don't you kids try this at home!


Beakman in Latin America

Listen to a story about the performer who played the wacky TV scientist Beakman. His impact on the science careers of viewers in Latin America has been immense.

My daughter Meleia

Listen to a story about a father, his daughter and the continent between them.

Indy animator Bill Plympton

Listen to a story about the independent animator Bill Plympton. This piece aired on NPR in April 2015.

Outsider artist Martin Ramirez

Listen to a story about postage stamps honoring the late folk artist Martin Ramirez. This story aired on Weekend Edition in March 2015.

Klezmer's Pete Sokolow

Listen to a story about Pete Sokolow, the Brooklyn musician known as the youngest of the old guys in klezmer music. This story aired on Weekend Edition Saturday in February 2015.

HipHop Archive

Bill Adler was the founding publicist of Def Jam Records. His archive of all things hiphop was acquired by Cornell University's rare books library. Listen to a report that aired in January 2015 on All Things Considered.

Vermont bakers

Listen to a story about Jules and Helen Rabin, who have baked bread in Plainfield, Vermont. This story aired on All Things Considered in August 2014.

Professor Irwin Corey

Listen to a story about Irwin Corey's 100th birthday celebration. This story aired on Weekend Edition Saturday in August 2014.

Yiddish Book Center

Listen to a story about the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA. Pictured above is the great Adam Seim, whose DIY book scanner is being used by the center to digitize old Yiddish books.

Mandolin Orchestras

Listen to a story about the tradition of mandolin orchestras.


Listen to a story about the UK-based Wikihouse project, which promotes open source plans to cut plywood on CNC machines for making slot-together house frames.


Listen to a story about the humorous music videos produced by CDZA, whose principles are pictured above.

Recycled Recumbents

Listen to a story about a Wisconsin man who cuts up bike frames and then welds the pieces together to make frames for recumbent bikes.

Chasidic Composer Ben Zion Shenker

Listen to a story about the chasidic composer Ben Zion Shenker (with hand on microphone). Shenker is a Modzitzer chasid and a Brooklyn treasure.

Bread & Puppet Theater

Listen to a story about the 50th anniversary of Vermont-based Bread and Puppet Theater. Pictured above is founder Peter Schumann.

The Living Theater

Listen to a story about the Living Theater closing down its last enclave in Manhattan. An obit for co-founder Judith Malina is here.

Desktop CNC Mill

Listen to a story about the Othermill, a desktop CNC mill manufactured in San Francisco by Saul Griffith and friends.

Art Book Store Flooded

Listen to a story about Printed Matter bookstore in Manhattan, which bounced back from the devastation of Super Storm Sandy.

Downtown Community Television

Listen to a story about Downtown Community Television, or DCTV as it's known to video producers.

Pro Lacrosse on Long Island

Listen to a story on Only A Game about Long Island's pro lacrosse team, the Lizards, whose owners include the great Jim Brown.

Ed Sanders

Ed Sanders.jpg

Listen to a story about Ed Sanders and his memoir Fug You about life on the Lower East Side during the 1960's.

Open Source Ecology

Listen to a story about the Open Source Ecology project in Missouri, where tractors are built from scratch.

Hacker Scouts

Listen to a story about Hacker Scouts, kids in organized maker groups that started in the Bay Area of California. The group has troops, or guilds as they call them, around the country. Regrettably, the Boy Scouts of America insisted they rename themselves, so they are now known as Curiosity Hacked. Apparently, the Boy Scouts own the word scout.

Detroit Farms

Listen to a story on farming in Detroit. The couple above farms and brings their produce to Detroit restaurants without the use of internal combustion engines.

Boat Motel

Listen to a story about a boatel, where people stayed on de-commissioned power boats docked at a marina in Far Rockaway. The boats were no longer seaworthy but came with a charming soundtrack of jets taking off at nearby Kennedy Airport.

Trout Gulch

The DIY homestead known as Trout Gulch was started by three filmmakers in the mountains outside Santa Cruz, CA. They have moved on to other things. Listen to my story on a 2011 visit there.

Box Truck Party

Listen to a story about a box truck party held in a desolate, industrial section of Oakland, CA where box trucks were converted into environmental and theatrical spaces.

Blissful Bedrooms

Listen to a story about Blissful Bedrooms, a saintly New York City crew that does bedroom makeovers for disabled teenagers.


Listen to a two-part series on hackerspaces. Pictured above is a USB keyboard made from an old manual typewrite at Hive 76, a Philadelphia hackserspace.

Part 1

Part 2

A later story chronicled the emergence of makerspaces as hotbeds of entrepreneurial innovation.

Tiny Houses

Listen to a story on the tiny house scene. Vermonter Peter King (pictured above) does tiny house building workshops in which a small structure is built over the course of a weekend.

Abraham, Inc.

Listen to a story about David Krakauer's klezmer/funk/hiphop band Abraham, Inc.

The Fugs

Listen to a story about the legendary art rock band The Fugs.


Listen to a story about the urban hydroponics project Windowfarms.

Jay Craven

Listen to a story about Vermont independent filmmaker Jay Craven.

Dumpster Pools

lap in pool.jpeg

Listen to a story about swimming pools made from garbage dumpsters.

Bamboo Bikes

Listen to a story about a bike building studio in Brooklyn where DIY'ers built bike frames from bamboo. The Bamboo Bike Studio has since closed down.

DIY Superstar Tim Anderson

Listen to a story about the DIY superhero Tim Anderson. A 20-minute doc about Tim aired on San Francisco station KALW.

Latin/Jewish Thang

Listen to a story about the Mazel Tov Mis Amigos project, an exploration of the Jewish/Latin fusion scene.

Solar Backpack

Listen to a story about how to build a solar backpack that will charge your cellphone.

Indian Raga Fellows

Listen to a story about Indian classical music and a fellowship program to nurture the tradition in North America.


Listen to a story about snowmobiling in Vermont. Pictured above is a Model T from the 1920's that was converted into a snowmobile.

Fat Bikes

Listen to a story about fat biking on Only A Game.

Leo Laporte

Listen to a piece about the TWIT podcasting network.

Vermont Hemp

Listen to a story about efforts to grow industrial hemp in Vermont.

Hurricane Carter

Listen to an obituary for Rubin Hurricane Carter, pictured above on the left. The man on the right is his co-defendant John Artis, who took care of Carter during the last months of his life.

Dwarf Basketball

Listen to a story about the Michael Jordan of dwarf basketball.

High School Makerspaces

Listen to a story about high schools makerspaces funded by DARPA, the Defense Department's investment wing. Pictured above are students at a high school in Sebastopol, CA.


Listen to a story about the tradition of strongmen. A podcast documentary on the strongman known as The Mighty Atom (pictured above) is here.

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

Listen to a story on the centennial of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

Itzhak Perlman

Listen to a story about violinist Itzhak Perlman collaborating with the cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot.

Sam Lovejoy

Listen to a story about Sam Lovejoy, an anti-nuclear activist in the 1970's who became a civil servant in Massachusetts.

Donald Martiny

Listen to a story about North Carolina painter Donald Martiny and his work at the World Trade Center in New York. The audio player is at the bottom of the page on NPR member station WUNC's web site.