Former NPR host Neal Conan is Back on the Air

neal conan.jpg

Pictured in front of his macadamia nut trees in Hawaii, Conan is working with former NPR colleagues to produce a weekly one-hour deep dive into Truth, Politics and Power. Read a piece in Current newspaper. (registration required)


Gulliver's Gate

Scheduled to open in the Spring of 2017, Gulliver's Gate is a miniature world fabricated by model makers around the globe. Read a story on about the technology behind this Lilliputian world.

Bob Fass Archive Acquired by Columbia

photo by Jan Albert

photo by Jan Albert

Columbia University has acquired the 10,000 hour audio archive of Bob Fass' Radio Unnameable, a treasure trove of 1960's counterculture. Read the story in Current newspaper.

The Digital Jesuit

Father Robert Ballecer works at the tech-focused TWIT podcasting network. Read a story in the National Catholic Reporter about the man who calls himself The Digital Jesuit.




Sean Cole's sideline

This American Life producer Sean Cole is a poet and an Internet-ordained clergyman who has married 19 couples who have at least one member with a public radio connection. Interesting sideline...


Fr. Robert Ballecer, the Digital Jesuit

Robert Ballecer is a Catholic priest with serious IT chops. He is seen and heard on TWIT, the tech-focused podcasting network headquartered in Petaluma, CA. Father Robert, as he is known, is profiled in this story for the National Catholic Reporter.


Radio drama legend Tom Lopez

Read a story in Current newspaper about Tom Lopez's long strange trip of a radio career.


The Collector of Bedford Street

Read an obituary for the late Larry Selman, a.k.a. The Collector of Bedford Street.

The Young Lords

Read a story in Current newspaper about members of the Puerto Rican activist group The Young Lords who established careers in the media.

Feet in 2 Worlds

Read a story about Feet in 2 Worlds, an organization run by John Rudolph (above) that works to increase diversity in public radio. This story was published in Current in September 2015.

Leo Laporte

This story about the TWIT podcast network appeared in the New York Times.

The Lampshade

Read a story in The Forward and listen to a podcast about a lampshade apparently made from human skin that surfaced in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The lampshade was given to the Brooklyn writer Mark Jacobson.

Romeo & Juliet in Yiddish

Read about the feature film Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish, which replaces the Capulets and Montagues with Satmars and Lubavitchers.

Yoonseo Kang

Read a story in the Toronto Star about a Canadian teenager who got $100,000 not to go to college.

Bob Fass & Radio Unnameable

Read a story in Current about the free-form radio pioneer Bob Fass. That's Abbie Hoffman to the left of the microphone in the WBAI control room.

Slot-Together Crib

This story on a slot-together crib made by the great Adam Seim was published in MAKE Magazine.

The Weberman Family

Read a story about the wacky Weberman clan.

Margot Adler

Read an appreciation of the late Margot Adler.

DIY Coffin Making

You can make your own coffin. Read all about it.

Citizen Kafka

Read a story in the New York Times about the late Citizen Kafka and his radio program The Secret Museum of the Air.

David Krakauer

Read a story about the clarinetist David Krakauer.

Jacki Lyden

Read a story about fashion podcast producer Jacki Lyden.

The Dogs Stay in the Picture

Read a story about Brooklyn artist Simon Dinnerstein, who was commissioned to do a drawing of a wealthy Californian and his dogs. But the commission was terminated before the work was completed.

Alex Chadwick Bounces Back

Read about veteran radio journalist Alex Chadwick.

Danny Schechter

That's Little Steven on the left standing next to Danny Schechter. My appreciation of Schechter was published in The Forward.

The Memory Palace

Read a story about podcast producer Nate DiMeo.